Monday, July 15, 2013

Out of my comfort zone!

 Sometimes there we have this need/want/try a new hair style or maybe new hair color? There are many things that can go wrong. In this case, I wanted to go blonde. The blonde that has a champagne tone to it, looks young and is does not look too fake; which, being a little tan and having olive skin could go wrong. Some of the other thoughts I had was: 

- What if my hair turns too gold or orange, because of my brunette hair. (It has tons of red hues in it).
- Does not look good.
- Will it ruin my hair?
- What about the roots? 

 I talked to my friend Brent about dying my hair. I showed him couple of the images I had aas a reference so he would understand. Mostly the color or desire look I was going for. Couple days later we decided on a color or colors.  The roots were going to be lighter than my normal color, mid section would have a lighter ash/champagne color and toward the tips, it would be much lighter. Kind of like an ombre. 



I am in love with the final outcome. I do not have to worry about my roots showing, because of the darker part on the top blends with them. The lighter ends help the hair look brighter, young and sophisticated.

Make sure to have reference images when you are going to a hair stylist, the more you have the better because they would understand your idea more clearly, rather than you telling them colors. It might not be the same color for the hair stylist as it is for you.

Good Luck.

Ask me any questions.

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